KraftFilter: Customized solutions for every filtration task

The KraftFilter system is modular. This means it can be individually adapted to suit your requirements. It consists of filter elements, filter candles, filter modules and filter stations.
Of course, it is possible to compose the alloy of the ReSWiM material according to your specifications.

Filter elements by KraftFilter

Filter elements by Kraftfilter are the foundation of our filter system. They are available in all standard sizes. They thus fit into all filter housings and can simply replace the conventional filter elements that you used so far. Furthermore, we develop and manufacture filter elements for every specification.

Filter candles by KraftFilter

It is possible to put together several filter elements in order to build a filter candle. This makes it possible to put together filter candles in order to build a larger filter element. Filter candles are available in standard sizes, with or without housing. They can be easily inserted into existing filter modules. Of course, we develop filter candles according to your requirements.

Filter modules by KraftFilter

Several filter candles can be mounted into one pressure housing in order to deal with greater filter amount. With the installation of our double filter module, a failure-free operation is guaranteed. While the first module is being cleaned the second module takes over the filter operation.

Filter stations by KraftFilter

Several filter modules can be assembled using instruments, control valves and pipes into a fully automatic filter stations. Double filter modules guarantee uninterrupted operation. Highly contaminated process fluid is discharged through an exhaust pipe.

Filter parameters

  • Filtration quality from 30 m to 600 m
  • Process temperature from 25°C to 815 °C
  • Max. ∆p across filter element up to 360 PSI
  • Max. allowable Working Pressure up to 29,000 PSI