KraftFilter: The new force in the filtration industry

KraftFilter was founded in 2014 in Germany. We offer full service range from a single source. The overall package of the revolutionary ReSWiM filter technology and full range of services appeals to many customers around the word – especially to commodity companies from the USA and the Russian Federation. Further application areas are being developed.

All filters produced by KraftFilter are made from the patented ReSWiM material (Regenerable Steel Wire Material). This material guarantees reliable filter function at extreme temperatures, under pressure and in harsh environments. For this reason, the filters are low maintenance, more durable and they do not need to be replaced so frequently. This helps to reduce staff and material costs. In addition, all the materials are reusable and thus environmentally friendly.

More and more companies worldwide are being won over by both the innovative filter technology and service concept. Especially many oil, gas and fracking companies from the USA and the Russian Federation use KraftFilter’s products with great success. Further application areas are being developed up to market maturity.

Our experienced and interdisciplinary team offers full range of services from a single source: analysis, development, manufacturing, installation, support and maintenance. Of course, we manufacture a sample filter that you can test at your facilities or laboratory.