KraftFilter products are high-performance filters for every filtration task

Innovative filtration solutions provided by KraftFilter can be applied where precision, reliability, durability and cost reduction are required. Under both normal and harsh conditions the KraftFilter products offer a perfect solution for every filtration task.

KraftFilter in the field of oil production
KraftFilter products are applied in depths to filter cooling liquids fast and efficiently. The USA and the Russian Federation are among the countries where KraftFilter products are used.

KraftFilter in the field of gas production
KraftFilter products are used successfully in the field of gas production to separate solid particles from gas.

KraftFilter in the field of fracking industry
KraftFilter products are also used in fracking (hydraulic fracturing) for filtering the fracking fluid that consists of many different components.

Further application fields for KraftFilter products

  • Automotive industry

  • Aerospace industry

  • Shipbuilding - balast water filtration

  • Railways and transportation

  • National defence

  • Seawater filteration

First choice for:

  • High temperature applications
  • Corrosive fluids and gases
  • Mechanical stress
  • Heavy vibrations
  • Hydraulic impact
  • Variation in flow rates, pressure and contamination
  • Limited space conditions